Finding us

The lab is located on the Sart-Tilman Campus of the University of Liege, approximatelly 10 km outside of town. You will find below detailed information on how to reach us.

By plane and train

Brussels international airport (also called Zaventem airport) is the closest airport to Liege and it has connections to many European and US cities. Brussels airport is conveniently connected to Liege by trains that run several times each hour. You will first have to take a short (15 min) connecting train (4 each hour) that will bring you to the Brussel-Nord train station and then switch to a train to Liege. The total travel time should be around 90 min depening of how quickly you can connect and on the type of train you catch between Brussel-Nord and Liege. 

Depending on when you arrive at the airport train station, it could be faster to connect through the Leuven train station (i.e.  Brussel Zaventem->Leuven->Liege rather that Brussel Zaventem->Brussel Nord->Liege). The complete time table for these trains can be found at or in real-time at rail time. There is also a small app called RailTime  that works beautifully on iphone and will give you a detailed real-time view of all travel option you have a any given time, talking into account train delays and other unexpected event. 

The train station in Liege is called Liege Guillemins  (this is only stop for the train you wil be on) and you CANNOT MISS IT. It is a modern monument designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava that was inaugurated in 2009 (click here for more info) .

You could alternatively land in Franfurt, Amsterdam or Paris. From each of these airport you can to Liege by train in 2.5-4 hours.

Buses from the City center to the Sart Tilman campus

Bus 48 runs through the city of Liege every 5-10 min depending on the time of the day and will bring you to the Sart Tilman Campus, and more specifically at the CHU (Center Hospitalier Universitaire in about 20 min.To find more information on the bus route in town and on the Sart Tilman Campus, click here.

By Car

The Sart Tilman University Campus  is located 2 minutes’ drive from the E25 motorway and 10 kilometres from the Liège city center.

Route from Brussels (E40 motorway) and Namur (E42 motorway) : at the Loncin interchange, take slip road A602 to Luxembourg and the E25 motorway. Radar speed checks are constantly carried out along the E40-E25 junction, which follows a tunnel under the hill of Cointe, then the “Pont de Liège” (the Bridge to Liège) and another tunnel under the district of Kinkempois. Leave the E25 motorway and take exit #40 to “Embourg”. Turn right to cross the river Ourthe, then left towards Sart Tilman. Finally, turn right and enter the University Campus via the Boulevard du Rectorat

Route from Maastricht (E25) and Aachen (E40) : Take the E40 motorway to Brussels up to the Loncin interchange. Then follow the route above.

Route from Luxembourg (E25) : Leave the E25 motorway and take exit #40 to “Embourg”. Take the bridge and cross the river Ourthe, then turn left towards Sart Tilman. Finally, turn right and enter the University Campus via the Boulevard du Rectorat

Car Park. The free car parks around the University Hospital where the conference will take place can accommodate hundreds of cars but nevertheless tends to fill up quickly in the morning.  If that was the case, there is a pay parking adjacent to the hospital that has a very reasonable rate (2 Euros/day) and you can use it. Alternatively you will find signs for a more distant parking that connects by minibuses with the hospital every 5-10 min.

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